I’m Felix Peters. I work as a data scientist by day, and create content by night.

Ever since learning to program in high school, I’ve loved making things. I co-founded a web development agency to finance by studies, and crafted multipe websites and web applications for clients from a variety of industries.

During my master’s degree in business informatics, I started to focus on artificial intelligence and machine learning. The fascination for how to use data to drive decision-making led me to start a PhD as an AI researcher. My research focused on topics in the area of human-AI interaction, especially explainable AI. I completed by PhD in 2022 after publishing several papers in top-tier conferences and journals.

While completing my PhD, I also started to work on data science projects, most notably for a large public transport company in Germany. Moreover, I organized multiple in-depth machine learning and data science workshops for IT professionals and executives.

Today, I work as a data scientist for Heraeus, a German manufacturing company. Here, we provide internal consulting related to data science initiatives such as visual inspection. Since my passion for writing has carried over from my research days, I also write about AI and data science on my blog.