Hi, I’m Felix, currently working as a research associate and PhD student at the information systems chair of TU Darmstadt. Here, my time is split up between doing research in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) and advising cybersecurity startups.


Ever since my Masters degree studies in Information Systems, my main interests lie in applying machine learning techniques to real-world problems. In detail, my research interests include:

  • Transparency of Intelligent Systems
  • Economics of Artificial Intelligence
  • Machine Learning

Work with startups

My business partner and I have been running a web agency for more than five years. At TUD, I have the opportunity to work with passionate founders in the area of cybersecurity and advise them on the following:

  • developing valid business models following the LEAN methodology and data-driven approaches
  • securing public funding in order to enable growth

Data science freelancing

I am constantly looking for challenging and interesting projects in the realm of data science and machine learning. Through my research, study and previous work, I am experienced in the following areas:

  • running real-world data science projects end-to-end, from business case development to deployment
  • training deep neural networks on computer vision and natural language processing tasks
  • understanding and implementing complex algorithms (e.g., Gaussian Processes, EM) from scratch
  • building web applications with languages like Go, JS (React, node.js) and databases like PostgreSQL and MongoDB
  • working with container-based systems on cloud infrastructure (AWS, Google Cloud platform, Paperspace Gradient)

Currently, I am diving deeper into deep probabilisitc programming and Bayesian methods in general. If you are interested in elaborating on new projects, please feel free to contact me via the channels listed on this site.

Other interests

Besides my research and work, I am interested in the following areas:

  • mixed martial arts (MMA)
  • tennis (Roger Federer is my all-time favorite athlete)